Our Journey

We believe that everyone can benefit from more time in nature

The results appear in many forms:

Reduction in stress levels;

Satisfaction from a personal challenge overcome;

Increased appreciation for the natural environment;

Strengthening of bonds;

Improvement in physical fitness;

Growth in resilience and self-reliance;

The joy of discovering and learning new skills;

and countless others.

Every member of our team believes this wholeheartedly and it’s what motivates us and keeps us united in our focus. We are passionate leaders, educators, facilitators, guides, instructors, and technicians who live and breathe an outdoor lifestyle and are eager to share our knowledge and skills with you.

Our team has worked in Kangaroo Valley and its surrounds since 2004 and we recognise that there are so many opportunities for experiences and adventures that are not regularly available to the general public. Let us show you somewhere mind-blowing. Let us teach you a skill that you can use for your whole life.  Let us create an experience for you and your friends or family that you’ll never forget.

Valley Outdoors is a sister company of Paddle & Portage Canoes. In addition to selling canoes & kayaks, we've been running guided experiences and events for many years and now we’ve taken the next step. We’re offering a full suite of outdoor adventures including guided tours, instructional trips, self-guided canoe hire, takeaway hire, multi-day trips and custom-tailored experiences. 

Join us on one of our adventures and see why we have chosen to do what we do. 

What others say

Thank you Valley Outdoors for allowing us the opportunity to canoe, exploring such a stunning place. It was amazing and such a hidden gem! The staff were fantastic, and I admired their paddling skills! I hope I can master it one day! I’d love to come back again and explore more, especially stay overnight at one of the camping spots.


What a wonderful time we had, thankyou so much for pulling this off for us last minute. The staff were great, very entertaining and helpful to our terrible paddle styles. We had a Blast!


I have just completed a day of one-on-one canoe instruction with Valley Outdoors and I cannot even begin to describe how valuable the skills that I learned are!  I learnt things that I didn’t even know were possible and I feel so much more confident and capable in my skills now.  The day was aimed at me becoming independent and confident so that I can go on my own trips and I certainly feel like that was achieved.  If you’re thinking about getting some instruction from these guys, just do it!  You won’t regret it. 


We hadn't done anything like the Canoes, Cool Climate Wines, and Canapes Experience before, but I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job of preparing and provisioning this type of activity. Everything important for the enjoyment and comfort of the group we were part of (12 adults and one youngster between three pairs of canoes) was taken into account, and the guides, Travis and Dan, were excellent. Our fellow paddlers, who we hadn't met before, were a very nice couple, and we all got on very well. It was certainly not difficult, paddling ourselves: we were blessed with a glorious day and had the breeze behind us on the forward journey. Although this meant we were paddling into the breeze on the way back, it was refreshing, and very welcome. Our guides pointed out various interesting geographical and historical sites along the way and looked after us all extremely well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this outing, it was fabulous!


I have always enjoyed the opportunity to see a country for what it really is and there is no better way to do this than with a guided experience. You get the inside track and expert advice and knowledge. Recently I joined the team for a bush walk along the path to area around Belmore Falls. It was spectacular. The path is not well trodden, in fact it is mildly challenging, with not one other person in sight. Gorgeous Australian flora and fauna as well as three waterfalls and a myriad of wildlife. As a tourist in my own state I found it very exciting to know that I had done something few others have and our guide and host were both fantastic. For the Highlands this experience is a must.


Aligned with and supporting

#3: Good Health and Wellbeing ♦ #4: Quality Education ♦ #6: Clean Water and Sanitation ♦ #15: Life on Land


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Acknowledgement of Country

We respectfully acknowledge the Wodi Wodi within the Tharawal language constellations as the traditional custodians of the Kangaroo Valley area and acknowledge their elders past, present, and emerging.

We are grateful to be living on a traditional camping site where the first nations spirits are with us all the time. We ask for their blessings of safety and good feelings. We embody our connection to the country on which we are fortunate to call our home.

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